Alice Walker-Dupler

Marketing Analyst/Coordinator

Alice Walker-Dupler is a Los Angeles based marketer with the Walker Firm and Casa De La Justicia. Walker-Dupler has a well-rounded skill set in media relations and connecting with clients. Alice understands the services that the Walker Firm and Casa De La Justicia can provide to its clients, and strives to connect with them through mass media, so that the Walker Firm and Casa De La Justicia can help them through their situation. Walker-Dupler strives to connect with clients through mass media advertising and targeting social media, digital media, and public relations.

Prior to Walker-Dupler’s media career, Alice received a Bachelor of Arts for International Relations at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). During her time at LMU, Walker-Dupler studied in Sevilla, Spain for a year and has participated in legal internships throughout college. Walker-Dupler’s legal experience gives her insight into difficulties consumers are facing, so that she can communicate to them the value of the services that Walker Firm and Casa De La Justicia provides, and help them through whatever they are going through.

Timothy C Walker Dupler, Esq.

Mary Ann Walker

Sandra Holden White